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Dear Parents, Dear Students,

I enjoyed all of my students and their parents so much during the last school year.  Thank you for all your kindnesses, and generous gifts, and your understanding during the hard times I had to face. You kept me cheerful, and not alone.

The school year of 2018/19 will start as of Sept. 17.  The calendar page on my website is updated.

Summer Activities:  I know, many of you wanted to be here for my summer camp.   I need a bit of a break, and a little travel.  Please understand.  However, there is something available that many of you have fallen in love with:


You may come and paint silk scarves.  I am setting my studio up for this, and keep it that way, because I want to do it as well.
Please email, or use the inquiry form in my web site.  I can accommodate up to 6 people at the time, but I am also happy, if only one person wants to come.  This is not intended to be a class, but a fun workshop.  If someone wanted to learn, different arrangements need to be made.  I see to it, that you will have a great looking scarf!  The cost varies on the size of the blank scarf.   After the scarf has been painted/died, I will process it and let you know when it is ready.  The dies need to be fixed. Plan for about 2 hours for this, unless you want to spend more time here and get into “production”.    No Sundays, please.

Have a great summer, until I see you again



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