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The Artist and Instructor

Art has always captured my greatest interest, even at a very young age. I was raised and grew up in Germany. Since the age of 13, I wanted to study art. I finally could make this wish come true after moving to Sterling and when the Northern Virginia Community College was started. I had the most excellent teachers. I not only took the basic requirements, but also all the commercial art classes, and many extra drawing, printing, and painting classes. I graduated with Magna Cum Laude in 1981.

When I was living in Germany, I had always very good art instruction as part of my education. I have a degree in Germany for early Child Care and part of that curriculum was also art education. Then, I studied Medical Technology, but that was abandoned, because I met my husband and I arrived as a young bride in 1964 in the United States.

My work experiences are varied: I have worked in the University Library in Rochester, N.Y. I have been a stay- at- home mother of three children. I have had a babysitting business and I have been in direct sales. I was a substitute teacher in all school levels in the Loudoun County School System and in a large variety of subjects. I speak some French and Spanish, besides my native German, and taught these languages as well.

All of my life experiences come together to help me to be the art teacher that I am. I try to help each student find his innate talent, and develop that. I hope to instill in my students a better appreciation for their surroundings through careful observation. I try to teach good habits and skills that never need to be unlearned. I use real models whenever possible, but my students are also encouraged to explore their own fantasy, their need to experiment, and their own creativity. The skills learned in making art hopefully transfer to other activities and to life in general.





















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